Story & Team

The Story

The HYTRA project was started by Paul L. Kiesow as a student and began in August 2022. The project developed rapidly until the company was founded in January 2023.

HYTRA’s goal is to support the development of the world to the level of “net zero emissions” through the distribution of hydrogen at very low prices. The technology developed by HYTRA for the transport of large quantities of hydrogen will make the young company one of the game changers in the new energy market.

The Team

The team currently consists of 6 people who are convinced that they can change the world. This not only includes experts from shipbuilding, naval architecture and hydrodynamics, but also financial and managing people to perfect HYTRA as best as possible.

Here are a few of our core team members:

Paul L. Kiesow

CEO & Founder


Christof Schramm



Leonard Welzel

Business Development